giovedì 3 ottobre 2013

Gamma Project and Empire Group: comes a new international adventure for the business on line

Hi. Good day. We are young and fresh international group of people with a lot of experience on line presence. We offer all range of services but our main focus is to make our recipients satisfy. We call our self Gamma Project. We believe that we can reach with our message around 200 000 viewers. We would like to invite you to cooperation. We would like to add your media organization to our various blogs and websites spread widely over the internet. We wish to promote your daily activity by adding links to our sites with your media outlets. In exchange we would like to ask you for including messages about activates on your pages. We are open for any kind of cooperation. Please let us know if you are interested so we will send you our promotional materials.

Here is example one of our sites.

We are very dynamic and very successful with promoting others.

Our Main Quarter is located in Italy. For further information please contact Stefano Donno at:

All the best.

Gamma Project Executive Producer (Canada, Toronto) in partnership with Empire Group (Italy, Lecce)

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